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To create meaningful, lasting change we must work together, united around a common goal. 


Unified Action

Innovation doesn't take an overhaul of ideas but rather a shift out of the box that we, or others, have placed us in.   






Good Leaders:

  • Communicate actively & often

  • Are realistic & optimistic 

  • Are clear, compassionate & honest

  • Live in the moment while also preparing for the future

Gaps in Government funding are leaving children & families at risk of not receiving the services they need. We need to change how nonprofits raise funds for services, thinking completely new and outside of the box to social enterprises, new business models, better fundraising, and better use of public dollars.


Financial Sustainability

Roadmap to Transformative Services

Roadmap to Transformative Services

What does "Transformative Services" really mean?


Transformative services begins with transforming our leadership across the public sector by challenging our approach and assumptions of leadership structures and voices.  I believe that this will result in a transformation of services and a breaking down of systems to support individuals.   


I want to talk about both my thoughts on leadership and what CORA would like to do to break down silos.  And this can't be done by ourselves.  I want others to join us in the conversation and in the PARTNERSHIP of good change. 

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